Ralla Hebbradan

Copper Haired Dancer at the Rouge Lady


Ralla wields two curved longtooth daggers and fights eloquently with both. Her unique fighting style mimics the grace and poised balance of a polished dancer.

Coiled on her hip, she carries a black leather whip with a razor sharp barb on its tip.

A satchel bearing the markings of the church of Calistria is easily noticed, as well as a tiny three bladed holy symbol tattooed on her inner wrist.


Ralla’s parents died from the Blackscour Disease when she was a teenager leaving her responsible for her two younger siblings. Hollin, her 14 year old brother and Sarah, her 12 year old sister. She is the sole supporter for her two younger siblings. The Rouge Lady has given her an opportunity to peddle her charms to earn enough coins for them to afford a small apartment above the Tavern.

During the recent undead attack, her brother Hollin was killed. In response, Ralla spent nearly every copper she had to gather relevant gear and stomped into the tavern and demanded that she join the Wyvern Blades, at least to revenge herself upon the one who was responsible for her brother’s death: the witch Lizmilla. With the iconography etched into her gear, it was revealed that she had been a secret priestess of Calistria for some time.

Ralla Hebbradan

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