Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Pippa, Eutropia- Harlot's Barrel


Pippa and Eutropia sit with several off duty soldiers of the Diamond Regiment. They laugh and enjoy each others company. The rogue learns that there has been an unusual amount of travelers headed towards Olfden. Rumors that the Creature of Castle Lepidstadt has finally been captured and awaits trial in Olfden. A few of the soldiers have requested reassignment to Olfden, for a chance to see the infamous creature. But they’re commanders denied their requests. They are needed to patrol the foothills after rumors of increased werewolf activity had been reported in the area. In fact, they had recently captured a werewolf posing as a traveling merchant several days ago. (you assume they are referencing the man hanging in the cage from the tree)

Fortunado returns back to the tavern within the hour and tells the two women and updates them on the search. The handsome cleric traveler joins the festivities hoping his comrades return safely.

The female elf watcher had not been seen since she was discovered


darkshada darkshada

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