Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Death to the Kobold King


The Kobold woman and children quiet from their screams, and attempt to flee the cave once Azure’s flames disappear. Several of the creatures sprint towards the northern tunnel where the human children are huddled. When they see the kobolds approaching, Kimmi and Mykra turn to meet them, weapons drawn. Hollin still holds Jurin down, keeping him from running.

The female kobolds change direction, leading their children across the room towards the Kobold Queen, who has also made her way back into her bed chamber to hide.

When Jekkajak (the kobold shaman) finishes his spell, he turns to see the barbarian rushing towards him. In a feeble attempt to possibly use another sort of evil magic, the shaman bites into Edgrin’s heart, tearing off a piece. If the creature had more time, who knows what was planned. Just at this moment…

Jaeshar (19) leaps across the dias and onto the alter bringing EarthBreaker down over his head. The huge weapon finds its mark straight onto the Kobold Shaman crushing him instantly. (AC 23 for 16damage) The barbarian’s swing had the precision to crush the tiny creature, yet miss Janiven who lay under the Kobold.

Nyll (17) charges the alter with his long sword drawn, rushing across the room arriving only a second behind Jaeshar. Just prior to the elf reaching his point, the remaining kobold warrior steps into the charge in a suicidal attempt to protect the alter. Nyll changes targets and runs the kobold through with his sword. (AC 18 for 4 damage) The kobold howls in pain and crumples to the floor.

Azure (17), seeing that the Kobold Bodyguard lives, he steps forward to finish the job. Without hesitation, he lunges for the smoldering kobold bodyguard. Energy arcing between his fingertips, Azure goes for his enemy’s throat surging electric bolts of energy through the creature. (AC 14 for 9 damage)

Fortunado (14) stands in the center of the room watching the kobolds run past. He is ready to defend himself in necessary, but the creatures are more worried about self preservation. He waits to aid anyone who might need him.

(no post so I assumed)

Pippa (12) pulls her last dagger and flips it in her hand holding it by the blade ready to throw it. She stops just short of hurling it at the Shaman when she sees the creature has been dispatched by Jaeshar. (Melinda, I suggest you collect all your daggers)

Liliandil (10) was also not affected by the Shaman’s spell. She turns back to the children and sees they are okay. Watching the remaining kobolds run into the Queen’s Chamber.

Brantus (4) also realizes the battle has been won and joins the priestess and Fortunado.

Kobold (3) the remaining kobold warrior sits against the base of the alter holding the large wound at his side caused by Nyll’s long sword. He hisses at the group, but seems content to surrender.

Overview: The Kobold King sits back in his throne, body slumped over. His massive helmet hangs his head forward causing blood to spill from his mouth. His giant axe, still clenched in his hand, rests next to him.

The throne is made from the skeleton of a giant centipede. When the group looks to the king, they take a step back as they witness the throne come to life. The bony legs bend forward to surround the Kobold King. They dont entirely encapsulate the King, but surround him almost as a last show of defiance to the group, that they cant have him.

Kimmi and Mykra call to the others that Jurin is trying to escape. When the party looks, they see Hollin holding the other boy down. Jurin seems to be terrified, but has given up on his plan to run.

In the end… everyone feels a sense of relief. Their ordeal is over and they are victorious!

The group estimates the time to be roughly 8:00 at night. They have the children and the necessary ingredients to cure the people of Falcon’s Hallow from the Black Scour Disease. There is gold, silver and other treasures scattered around the floor in this room. A search would probably yield much more, as well as a decision regarding the Kobold women, children and slaves (including Jardreg and Kibbo).

ooc: We started this adventure in June of 2012, almost a year and a half ago. Who would have thought, we’d get this far. Nice job on staying with it. You have technically completed two modules. Everyone receives the needed Experience Points to move to level 3. You can begin adjusting your characters on Obsidian Portal. Let me know if there are anything you need GM approval for.


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