Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Back at the Harlot's Barrel


Before leaving the carnie camp, the group notices S’jeer sitting alone on her traveling parlor, mourning the loss of Aleece. She is grateful for the attempt to save the girl, but had foreseen the girl’s tragic fate. Abraham visits the “Seer’s” wagon asking for reading. The two enter her wagon and are gone for about 10 minutes. The druid still searches for his lost mother and attempts to leave no stone unturned. (Phil, I’ll post you in private if you wish)

Nyll accepts the magical longsword from Kaleb, and promises to put it to good use. The idea of naming the sword after Aleece is well received by Ettie and Poppy, the girl’s surviving sisters.

The group has decided to travel with Kaleb and his troupe to Olfden, and will rejoin the performers in the morning. The last leg of the journey, the road through the Artfell forest, should only take a day. The road is highly traveled and the threat of danger is low. At least during the day.

Upon arrival back at the Harlot’s Barrel, Fortunado, Eutropia and Pippa are please to see their friends return safely. They tell the others about the fate of Aleece and the battle with the giant spider.

Pippa and Eutropia have made friends with 6 soldiers of the Diamond Regiment who weren’t able to share too much information about the area, other than adding a few more details about the “Creature of Lipidstadt Castle.” The ladies have learned that the creature had plagued the area for over 20 years. Pippa, Brantus and Nyll, having lived in and around Olfden for much of their lives, have also heard about the creature. It was thought more to be a bedtime story than real. Something to scare children back into bed. But over the last few years, the creature had been sighted across the countryside, murdering innocent people, including children. Now… the city of Olfden claims to have captured the creature.

Everything the soldiers tell the group is common knowledge to anyone living in the area. For example, the monster is over 7 feet tall and has the strength of 10 men. The only information that is newly discovered, is that the creature is disfigured somehow. The soldiers didnt know any details and had all planned on traveling to Olfden to see the monster for themselves. In fact, hundreds of people across the countryside are flocking to Olfden to see the beast.

Nyll and the others move to private quarters to discuss the items found. Within a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. The barkeep and one of the stable boys enter your room. The young boy nervously stands next to the man.

“This is Oak. He’s one of two stable boys that work for me.” The barkeep explains. “Tell them what you told me.” He commands the young lad.

Oak looks towards the group. “I was approached by a tiny elf earlier today. Hours before you all arrived here. She wore a black patch over one eye.” The boy looked towards the barkeep for approval. Then he continued. “She asked me ato tell her when you arrive, and any information I could find out about. When you arrived… if you came from Falcon’s Hallow… Who was all in the group. I didnt know much, other than how nice everyone was to me. The tiny elf paid me 5 gold, and said she’d give me 2 more if I could find out where you were headed.” Oak bowed his head in shame and held out his hand. Inside was seven gold pieces. “I told her you were heading to Olfden tomorrow morning. That’s what she told me.” He motioned to Liliandil. “Im sorry and want to give the money back, but I haven’t see the elf since.”


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