Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Throne Room of the Kobold King

As the group rushes down the tunnel towards the scream, they enter a large cave lit by torches and burning brazers. A crowd of Kobolds kneel facing the back of the cave.

Here stands the Crawling Throne of Merlokrep. The Kobold King’s throne is crafted from the corpse of a monstrous centipede. The massive vermin is propped up against the wall here on a dais of stone blocks, its legs curling in around any who sit upon it like leveled arm rests.

Merlokrep, first of his name, Dragon King of the Truescale Tribe sits here honing the edge of his bloddy axe “Man-feller”. He is flanked by his two most fearsome warriors, Myrmidons of the Truescale that are themselves clad in gilded armor, clutching their shortspears at attention. Melokrep is a physical paragon of kobolds, and his imposing powerhouse frame belies the usual assumptions about his pathetic reptilian race. The king’s one good eye peers from his skull with a fierce aspect, smoldering with rage at the party’s intrusion.

To his left, a crude stone alter sits against the back wall of this cave. A walking corpse of a Kobold, whose whithered white old scales are stretched tight over his bones, stands atop a small humanoid laying upon the alter. The prisoner is Edgrin Galesong, the halfling bard taken prisoner a few hours earlier. The white Kobold waves a ceremonial dagger above his head chanting some sort of sacrificial rights. Suddenly, the Kobold plunges the dagger into Edgrins chest and tears out his heart, holding it for all to see. Janiven screams as she witnesses the death of her friend. Realizing is is next, she struggles against 4 Kobold warriors dragging her towards the alter.

Merlokrep stands holding out is arms as if embracing the rush of power from the halfling’s soul. The Kobolds kneeling lower their heads in worship.

The group is stunned by what they are witnessing. They stand in shock for a second before Merlokep notices them enter. His two bodyguards step forward in preparation for a fight, but instead, the king hails the adventurers.

“You are welcome here! I offer you an honored place as great sacrifices to the Crown and our God Nymegan, Mistress of the Green Hills! Your souls will be an exceptional gift, worthy of legend!”

Before anyone has a chance to respond to his offer, another gaggle of a scream comes from the west side of the cavern. Brantus enters the area, armed with FangFoe in one hand, and a female Kobold in the other. Her throat firmly locked in his grip. A distance behind him, a young boy cradling Jardreg is seen peeking out from the same entrance.

STOP, OR SHE DIES TOO !” Brantus yells across the room.

Merlokrep turns in horror seeing his Queen violated so.

Death to the Kobold King


The Kobold woman and children quiet from their screams, and attempt to flee the cave once Azure’s flames disappear. Several of the creatures sprint towards the northern tunnel where the human children are huddled. When they see the kobolds approaching, Kimmi and Mykra turn to meet them, weapons drawn. Hollin still holds Jurin down, keeping him from running.

The female kobolds change direction, leading their children across the room towards the Kobold Queen, who has also made her way back into her bed chamber to hide.

When Jekkajak (the kobold shaman) finishes his spell, he turns to see the barbarian rushing towards him. In a feeble attempt to possibly use another sort of evil magic, the shaman bites into Edgrin’s heart, tearing off a piece. If the creature had more time, who knows what was planned. Just at this moment…

Jaeshar (19) leaps across the dias and onto the alter bringing EarthBreaker down over his head. The huge weapon finds its mark straight onto the Kobold Shaman crushing him instantly. (AC 23 for 16damage) The barbarian’s swing had the precision to crush the tiny creature, yet miss Janiven who lay under the Kobold.

Nyll (17) charges the alter with his long sword drawn, rushing across the room arriving only a second behind Jaeshar. Just prior to the elf reaching his point, the remaining kobold warrior steps into the charge in a suicidal attempt to protect the alter. Nyll changes targets and runs the kobold through with his sword. (AC 18 for 4 damage) The kobold howls in pain and crumples to the floor.

Azure (17), seeing that the Kobold Bodyguard lives, he steps forward to finish the job. Without hesitation, he lunges for the smoldering kobold bodyguard. Energy arcing between his fingertips, Azure goes for his enemy’s throat surging electric bolts of energy through the creature. (AC 14 for 9 damage)

Fortunado (14) stands in the center of the room watching the kobolds run past. He is ready to defend himself in necessary, but the creatures are more worried about self preservation. He waits to aid anyone who might need him.

(no post so I assumed)

Pippa (12) pulls her last dagger and flips it in her hand holding it by the blade ready to throw it. She stops just short of hurling it at the Shaman when she sees the creature has been dispatched by Jaeshar. (Melinda, I suggest you collect all your daggers)

Liliandil (10) was also not affected by the Shaman’s spell. She turns back to the children and sees they are okay. Watching the remaining kobolds run into the Queen’s Chamber.

Brantus (4) also realizes the battle has been won and joins the priestess and Fortunado.

Kobold (3) the remaining kobold warrior sits against the base of the alter holding the large wound at his side caused by Nyll’s long sword. He hisses at the group, but seems content to surrender.

Overview: The Kobold King sits back in his throne, body slumped over. His massive helmet hangs his head forward causing blood to spill from his mouth. His giant axe, still clenched in his hand, rests next to him.

The throne is made from the skeleton of a giant centipede. When the group looks to the king, they take a step back as they witness the throne come to life. The bony legs bend forward to surround the Kobold King. They dont entirely encapsulate the King, but surround him almost as a last show of defiance to the group, that they cant have him.

Kimmi and Mykra call to the others that Jurin is trying to escape. When the party looks, they see Hollin holding the other boy down. Jurin seems to be terrified, but has given up on his plan to run.

In the end… everyone feels a sense of relief. Their ordeal is over and they are victorious!

The group estimates the time to be roughly 8:00 at night. They have the children and the necessary ingredients to cure the people of Falcon’s Hallow from the Black Scour Disease. There is gold, silver and other treasures scattered around the floor in this room. A search would probably yield much more, as well as a decision regarding the Kobold women, children and slaves (including Jardreg and Kibbo).

ooc: We started this adventure in June of 2012, almost a year and a half ago. Who would have thought, we’d get this far. Nice job on staying with it. You have technically completed two modules. Everyone receives the needed Experience Points to move to level 3. You can begin adjusting your characters on Obsidian Portal. Let me know if there are anything you need GM approval for.

Kobold Queen


Liliandil nods at Pippa and Nyllbryn, then slowly moves with the rogue towards the children. The three boys have moved to the base of the dias and are sitting on the steps . Jurin is counting the coins he had gathered. Hollin sits quietly, not able to find a single coin in time. Mikra challenges Jurin. “The rich keep on getting richer, huh Jurin?” But the boy just ignored the insult and pockets the coins.

Janiven laid Edgrin down, crossing his hands over his chest, then moves quickly out of the room back down the tunnel Brantus told her he saw her equipment. Within seconds, screams of fear are heard from the Kobold as the human enters the queen’s chamber.

Nyllbryn and Jaeshar move quickly to react to the disturbance heading down the hallway. They arrive in time to see Janiven toss a tiny Kobold out of her way as the others run to the side of the chamber in fear. She reaches a pile of gear quickly finding her falcion sword buckling it into place. Then she gathers a few more items.

This cozy chamber is heated by bricks of old mold-ridden incense. A tousled wolf-skin bed lies in one corner of the room, a stone table piled high with poorly crafted necklaces, rings and bracelets of gold in another. Several chunks of polished obsidian are stacked haphazardly on one wall here as well, forming a bizarre half-mirror. The kobold women, children and slaves rush to the far side of the room as the adventurers enter. The Kobold Queen stands proudly in front of them. She has is dressed in her finest gown and wears a tiara made of gemstones. She is much better groomed than the others.

As Nyll and Jae enter, she stands ready to face her fate. Jaeshar notices Kimmi close behind him.

Meanwhile, back in the Kings Chamber, Pippa, Fortunado and Liliandil wait. Pippa hands the sacrificial dagger to Azure for further inspection. Liliandil looks towards Brantus motioning him over. “My dear friend. You are still hurt. Let me help you.” She calls upon the blessings of Sarenrae and places her hands over your wounds healing them. ( You are brought back to full)

Jurin, the chubby blond haired boy speaks up when he sees half the party leave the cave. “When can we get out of here? I need to get out of here. Do any of you know who I am? I’m Jurin Kreed. Son of Boss Kreed the lumber baron in Falcon’s Hallow. My family is rich and my dad is powerful and if you don’t help me escape, he will hunt all of you down.” Looking around the room at everyone and only seeing Liliandil listening, he continues… “You all need to listen to me! I’m Jurin Kreed!” He yells like a spoiled child.

“Shut up!” Interrupts Hollin, finally breaking his silence. “We all want to go home goblin breath, but your stupid rich dad can’t help us now, so just shut up.”

He finally introduces himself to the others as Hollin Hebbradan. Jurin then interupts, talking over him. “His sister is Ralla. She works at the Rouge Lady. They named the place after her because her hair is red.” Jurin points at Hollin’s hair. “Unlike Hollin, she’s gorgeous! It’s obvious she got all the looks in the family.” He says laughing at Hollin, watching the boy look to the floor in shame.

Hollin mutters, “Our parents died from the blackscour taint 3 years ago, and things have been hard for us.” His eyes water up. “I just want to go home too.” Mikra glares at Jurin and slides over placing his skinny arm around the boy. “Let them finish things up here and we’ll be off in a minute. I promise.” Mikra comforts.

The Kobold Queen has been Captured


For some unknown reason, the Kobolds, including the Queen who hides it better, is uneasy with Flicker. They have gotten a hold of themselves, but still keep one eye on him as he slowly walks around.

The elf continues now that he has their attention again.

“Look at them. Each woman immediately moved to protect her charges. To protect the young. They are more Queenly than you are. Did you council your beloved King for leniency with the slaves? Or did you demand greater and greater gifts for your vanity, at their expense?”

He turns to the slaves.

“She is no longer your Queen. She is a criminal. Bind her hands and feet.”

The two slaves immediately react to this order, not having to be told twice given the opportunity for freedom. They spring across the room tackling the queen. She yells for the others to defend her, but the women, too fearful of making the wrong decision, choose to remain with their children.

The slaves struggle to overpower her and everntually get the best of her. The queen does not appear to be more than a beauty (for Kobold standards). She possesses no skill in magic or weaponry.

Within a minute, they bind her hands in front of her to her, as well as her feet.

Janiven watches and smiles at how quickly they turned on the queen. “Not so powerful now are you? You piece of sh….”. Her sentence gets lost under her breath as she turns back to the pile of equipment. The woman continues to look through the pile finding the remaining bit of her equipment, as well as some of her brother’s personal items. The rest of valuables, she leaves as she turns and walks past Nyll and Jaeshar. “Have fun with your new friends elf.” She says with a smirk. “Are you ready to go home?” Asking the barbarian as she walks past not really concerned with his answer. Janiven walks right past Kimmi, almost indifferent to her. “You coming kid?”

The to kobold slaves attempt to drag the queen out of the cave, but the queen struggles against them. It is obvious they will need help.

Kibbo hears the others down the tunnel and investigates. He calls out to the Kobold women and children. “It’s okay. You are safe now. The giant pinkskins are our friends, and they will protect you. They have food and strong magic. Merrlokrep is dead. His tyranny is over.”

The Way Out


The group decides to take the precaution of tying each member with a rope as they make their way across this room. Jaeshar and Brantus hold the other end in case the trap is triggered and the room pivots. It is time consuming, but proves to be warranted. Everyone makes it across safely, including Flicker on Nyll and Kibbo on Liliandil. Jaeshar moves across the room last.

Once each member completes the journey, the group reassembles in the next room. Here, (room 3) the chamber is quite warm.
A large fountain dominates this small chamber. Steam rolls off the superheated water pouring from a stone obelisk at the fountain’s center, filling the entire chamber with its haze. The dead body of a female kobold lays peacefully on the edge of the fountain with her hand on her chest. When Kibbo reaches the room, he immediately moves to her side. Those with him the first time through this room, remember that this was a close friend of his. He had told the others she was a fellow slave and abused by the elite blackscale warriors here and ultimately killed. She had disappeared several weeks ago.

The blue scaled Kobold takes her back into her arms. “Can we bury her outside? We talked about freedom and going outside. She would like that.” He told the others.

The fountain is fed by a hot spring. The water is quite warm and full on natural minerals. Otherwise, the room appears to be empty.

Liliandil looks to Janiven. “The body of your father is not far.” The group moves down the southern corridor out of this room traveling to the intersection. “Ahead is our way out. We found the body of your father that way.” She points down the west corridor.

Janiven immediately moves in that direction grabbing Liliandil by her robe. “Come with me Priest. I need the light from your robes.” The raven haired woman ordered.

Liliandil, surprised at the offense, moves quickly with the woman. (unless you say otherwise, I’ll assume everyone follows.) The group moves westward to the intersection (marker 6) where the headless body of the man still lays.

Janiven drops to her knees next to the body looking it over. Struggling to identify the body due to the decomposition, she reaches for his arm sliding the shirt sleeve up. There was a tattoo on the forearm that confirmed her worst fear. She began to weep. “Daddy.” She muttered as she held her face in her hands. For a brief second, this grown woman was reduced to a little girl again.

The group stepped back giving her time to grieve for a few moments, before Liliandil asked Brantus if he’d help carry the body outside for her.

“Let us help you take him outside for a proper burial.” She offered.

The group eventually moves back into the last remaining room, which offers the stone staircase leading up to the monastery proper. This (room 1) was were Kibbo and Jardregg were originally rescued.

Liliandil looks to Pippa and Jaeshar. “It is roughly 3 hours past the height of the full moon. If either of you have been infected by Celeste or Greypelt, the curse will be revealed upon exposure to the moonlight.”

“I advise you both stay close to me at all times, while the others keep a safe distance. If the transformation begins, and your body changes shape, it will tear your clothing. I suggest you hand your equipment off to the others and wear as little as possible.” She advises.

Exiting the Lower Level

The members regroup close to the bottom of the stone staircase. Brantus has moved Janiven’s father to this point for her, persuant to Liliandil’s request. But the dwarf is more concerned with readying himself for the potential dangers of Jaeshar and Pippa shape changing.

Liliandil gathers both with her at the bottom of the staircase. There is no moon light shining down at this point. “If we’re ready, we can move upstairs now. The two of you should stay close to me.” She advised. “Kibbo, would you please move towards the back with the children?”

Janiven, not listening to the Priestess, holds the body of her father under his arms, dragging him backwards up the stairs. She is determined to remove him from this place and distance herself from the others. Everyone watches as she struggles to pull him up the stone steps, but no one offers to help. Eventually, she disappears beyond the stairs.

Liliandil continues her preparation. “If either of you show any signs of the infliction, I’ll need to move quickly in order to help you. The curse will resist contact with me, as if it recognizes my ability to cast it out. So you need to be prepared to fight its control.” Before she could finish, screams come from GreyPelt’s lair above. Janiven is being attacked!

Liliandil turns to look up the stairs. “Quickly! We have to help her! Everyone… follow me!” And she rushes up the staircase into the room above.

Battle with the Beast


Liliandil, having faced more werewolves in the last two weeks than probably in her entire life, Was frozen in fear. Somehow, this time was different than with GreyPelt. But probably similar to when attacked by Celeste that day on the river bank. The day in the river with Celeste cost the druid her life and nearly Liliandil’s.

The beast seemed to smell her fear and didnt hesitate to seize its opportunity for a meal. Springing towards her with lightning speed, he grabbed the girl at the shoulders plunging its fangs into her neck and shoulder. Her scream sent a horrible shiver through everyone.

Just than, Nyllbryn (17 initiative) jumped forward casting a spell. Glittering dust flicked from his fingertips into the air around the creature just as a crossbow bolt whizzed past striking the beast in the ribcage. Instantly, the dark thick fur exploded away leaving pale human like flesh. The wolf wrenched in pain jumping back releasing the girl as if stung by a bee. He staggered backwards, almost in shock that a simple crossbow bolt could cause such torture.

The creature grabbed the bolt with both hands attempting to pull it out, an easy task for such a powerful beast, but something began to change. The transformation back to a man had begun. It started at his mouth and moved across his face. Then a second spot began at the bolt’s wound. Slowly, as if he was treated with an antidote, the transformation worked its way across his body. Within seconds, Jaeshar dropped to his knees holding the bolt with both hands. Then dropping over onto his opposite side. He lay naked and motionless.

The group stared in shock. Had they killed him? A crossbow bolt straight to the heart? Just then, they heard the gurgle of Liliandil choking on her own blood. Kibbo rushed to her side. She clenched at her throat in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding. Her throat had been torn open just as the Druid had two weeks ago at the river bank. She didnt have long as blood pooled around her body. Her face terrified with a look of death. She grew pale.

Black Widow in the Tower


The group crosses the courtyard when the elf notifies the others of the cries for help within the tower. He points out that the noise was heard beyond the wooden door and not from the top of the tower. As the group takes up their positions:

Nyll at the door

Pippa against the tower wall next to the door

Fortunado back a bit defensively

Brantus in front of the door with Nyllbryn

Azure and Jaeshar moving around the tower to survey the other side.

Liliandil, Kibbo and the children in the middle of the courtyard, a safe distance back.

(see the map)

Azure and Jaeshar work their way through the ruined wall to the east and around the base of the tower towards the front gates. There is nothing of note. They easily find the pathway leading into the eastern forest, they way the group came yesterday, but no other signs of recent travel.

The others prepare to enter the tower and see that the wooden door is slightly ajar. Nyll slowly pushes the door open from the hinged side of the door, as Brantus steps into the room. Pippa follows the dwarf in and the elf joins them. Fortunado approaches to aid if needed.

Light from the open door fills this small storage room. Wooden crates and barrels are stacked against the walls. A wooden staircase hugs the west wall winding around the room to a trap door 30 feet above the ground. The upper half of the room is filled with thick cobwebs extending across the room. A lone humanoid figure, wrapped tightly in these webs, hangs in the center of the room. The three of you quickly recognize the person as Janiven.

She hangs upside down by her feet attempting to scream, but only muffled sounds manage to escape. A monstrous spider quickly moves down from the shadows to protect its prey, glaring at the intruders, but does not attack yet. The group sees additional movement above and fears they have walked into a nest. You quickly realize you may be out matched.

Janiven selected the wrong site to sleep after she changed back to a human. Her fate may be sealed.

River Barge


Pippa says her goodbyes to the tiny lizard, hugging him goodbye. The rogue is shocked to feel the Kobold embrace her back, and his tiny hand attempt to touch her inappropriately under her cloak. At the same time, she does find the small vile of “contact poison” he offered to sell her and successfully palm it off him. (12+10=22 sleight of hand check)

When you separate, you notice (A successful Perception check made for Pip by me) he has stolen a masterwork dagger from you.

Brantus notices Pippa’s jump at his touch and charges in to confront him. Brantus frisks Smirlokrep and finds his potions and his gold, “Where did you get this ?”, he demands..,“Out with it.”

Smirlokrep attempts to run, but is easily caught. “Me just doing business. She gave me money for my goods. She is involved too!” He barks, pointing at Pippa. “Also… he try to buy good too.” Pointing at Nyllbryn “Me the only innocent one here!” Just then Pippa’s throwing dagger, normally secured in a scabbard on her belt, falls from under his coat. He looks up and smiles.

(Answering Ivor’s questions)

The rest of the group is mindful of the Kobolds across the river. At first, there looked to be over 2 dozen. Now, most have carried supplies off into the forest. The also had a wagon.

The galley looks to be anchored, but it cant be determined if they put in for repairs. There is no chopping sounds, and hard to see any crew. Assumably there are still occupiers on board.

Liliandil looks back to Nyllbryn. “I wish I was more worldly about such things. Coming to Falcon’s Hallow was my Maiden Voyage if you will. A ship of that size probably wouldnt be common to these waters, and Falcon’s Hallow is known for it logging. A ship of that size might hold timber, but wouldnt be way up here.”

ooc: I looked up the original post (August of 2012) when the Kobold Shaman captured on the beach at the Kobold camp, first mentioned Ugaday, a slaver that was traveling to meet them to purchase Felicity, the faun. Now, she’s in the hands of Bishop and Nymegan the dragon. The Kobold Shaman also mentioned that Fortunado was to be sold off to dark dwarfs in the northern mountains, along with Mykra after he tried to protect Kimmi.

“This might be the slavers. But they’d be a day or two late.” She mentions. “If we plan to investigate, we should do it quickly before they leave. Also, we are only a days journey from town. There are dozens of sick people infected with the Black Scour Disease relying on us to hurry back with the cure.”

She looks to the others for their opinion. “If we investigate the ship, I agree with Fortunado. Stealth is the answer here. And we dont have time to wait until night.” She holds up her magic lantern. “It has not been used today.” She smiles.

Nia, Norvil and Oolastina

The group eventually regroups in the forest where the battle took place. Those on the trail (Liliandil, Azure, Kibbo and the children) drag the two dead orcs with them, as Nyll drags the orc he killed. Therefore, the bodies of 7 orcs lay lined up. A quick search of the bodies only revealed simple weapons, a few arrows along with two long bows and short swords.

Fortunado channels energy (mark it off) and heals everyone within 30 feet 4 hit points.

Pippa cuts the ropes binding their wrists as she asks them to explain what had happened.

The female elf speaks first. “My name is Oolastina. I am a Priestess of Iomedae. I was originally stationed within the temple in Oregent, just east of the Arthfell Forest.”

(Knowledge check +4 DC 15 to recognize or know more detail about the city)

“I was given the task to travel to Falcon’s Hallow to help bolster the struggling Temple of Iomedae within the small town. Norvil and his sister Nia asked to join me. They have business in the area.” She nods to them to explain more.

Norvil holds out his hand to Nia silencing her. “It is as she said. I am Norvil Braum, and this is my sister Nia Braum. Our father is the wizrard Braum of Almas City. We met in Oregent, and the three of us agreed to travel together to Falcon’s Hallow. About half way there, our camp was ambushed by raiders. We were taken aboard that ship. When they discovered she and I are spell casters, our hands were tied. We were moved below deck when they approached Falcon’s Hallow. They stopped for supplies, and picked up two human females. Commoners. Then we continued upstream.”

Nia steps in front of her brother, after hearing about the two girls. “There are others on board the ship. We were lucky to escape. When the timing was right, we jumped overboard and swam to the forest. I promised we’d come back for the others if we made it. We have to go back for them!” She cries.

Norvil interrupts her. “There are at least a dozen orcs on board, including Ugadey, their leader. In addition to several Kobolds, a goblin, and a dark fey.” He pauses for a moment. “But there is something else… something they are keeping below decks. Below the lower deck. Only Ugadey himself and the fey are allowed below. They refer to whatever’s down there as The Prize. They are headed upstream to some type of slavers auction where they’ll sell most of us off to a Kobold tribe. They mentioned sailing farther north into the Five King Mountains after that. But Im not sure why.”

Liliandil spoke up. “Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ll do everything we can to help. We are traveling back to Falcon’s Hallow now with specific items hoping to find a cure for a disease that has ravaged the citizens of the small town. The kobold tribe you mentioned. The ones you will meet farther north. We found their camp on the beach north of Lake Droskmere several days ago. You’ll be happy to know they are all dead.” She acknowledges Fortunado, who was rescued from their clutches. “Our friend here was also enslaved by them.” She stops before telling them too much. If she hasnt already given away too much.


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