Syntira Nymph Queen

Syntira is a beautiful woman with long brown hair and pointed ears. She is graceful in her nobility, soft spoken and wise.


Nymph queen of the Darkmoon Vale fey and direct emissary of the First World, Syntira is one of
the Eleven Eternal Monarchs of the fey. As an Eternal Monarch, Syntira and her court lived in
Darkmoon Vale long before even the first dwarves looked upon its verdant green.
A peace-loving and fair-minded queen—rare gifts among the Eternal Monarchs—Syntira
constantly seeks diplomatic solutions in her dealings with mortals. She speaks softly and
quickly, but she never sounds or looks hurried or rushed. As an immortal being, Syntira takes
her time to weigh options and seeks multiple solutions for any presented challenge.
Unfortunately, though, mortals prove remarkably adept at rejecting reason when
presented with the promise of wealth. As such, Syntira has on more than one occasion
led her fey in short guerilla wars. When roused to such anger, Syntira becomes a cold and
frighteningly effective warlord, leading her subjects in a series of precise hit-and-run strikes
throughout Darkmoon Wood and its surroundings. Even when roused to anger, though,
Syntira avoids bloodlust and insists on showing mercy to noncombatants and those warriors
who surrender or who are too injured to fight.


Syntira Nymph Queen

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