Kabran Bloodeye

Owner of the Rouge Lady


Kabran Bloodeye: Kabran is a short-statured half-orc with blood-red eyes. He lost his nose as punishment for numerous criminal activities in Augustana, which led him to flee here. He wears a bronze nosepiece over the ugly crater left in the center of his face. As he breathes, it
whistles disturbingly and leaks blood and mucus (which Kabran dabs away with a crimson handkerchief ). Kabran is the master of the Redrock Guild, an organized criminal syndicate that poses as a business club and moneylenders’union, but most Falconers know its members constitute
some of the vilest flesh-peddlers, sneakthieves, and murderers in town. The Redrock Guild maintains an uneasy truce with the Lumber Consortium, paying the large company a percentage of its take in exchange for a little legitimacy and protection.


Kabran Bloodeye

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