Felicity is a beautiful young faun with golden hair and green eyes. She is quiet and shy and appears to be haunted by something she has done.


Felicity is a beautiful young faun who has befriended a lost traveler named Fortunado. While traveling in Darkmoon Forest, they were captured by Kobolds and were to be sold in a secret slave market.

She holds a secret from her past that she wont tell anyone. This seems to haunt her.

She is quiet and very shy. She seems to be alone in the world for some reason, and is always looking for male companionship.

She was rescued by the group, only to be taken soon after by a Wyvern named Bishop. He was an agent to the green dragon, Nymegan.

The group eventually killed Bishop in a heroic battle, and from that day forth, took the name The Wyvern Blades, uniting their group. Nyllbrym specifically, has vowed to one day rescue Felicity from the dragon’s lair.



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