Girl who is afflicted with lycanthropy.


Celeste is a 14 year old girl. She has long dark hair and dark brown eyes.

She was found in the forest by the burned orphanage. She tells a tale of being friends with the children from Falcon’s Hallow, but if questioned further, could be exposed as a fraud. She is actually a werewolf who was stalking the children.

When in human form, she tries desperately to find someone to help her remove the curse. However, as the years pass, she grows more and more hopeless. She is often found crying wondering the forest.


She was once a sweet girl who had a happy childhood. She lived with her two parents in Falcon’s Hallow. One night, while she and her parents were walking home in the forest, they were attacked by a pack of wolves. Celeste watched as her father was torn apart by them. Celeste‚Äôs mother was taken into the forest by their leader, a lycanthrope referred to as GrayPelt. When Celeste tried to stop him, he bite her infecting her with the lycanthrope curse.

The girl has roamed the forest for the last several years, looking for other victims to feed her overwhelming hunger for meat. Celeste has a difficult time controlling her transformation and is often subjected to the shape shifting when she is hungry, angry or hurt. She remembers that night well, and would like nothing more than to find Gray Pelt and punish him for what he did to her and her parents.


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