Boss Payden Teedum

The right hand man and "enforcer" to Thuldrin Kreed, leader of the Lumbar Consortium in Falcon's Hallow.


Just then, the crowd parts and a huge man emerges. He is dressed in the uniform of the Lumber Consortium. The crowd quiets as he raises his hands. Walking onto the dock, he greats the group.

“Welcome back friends! I am Payden Teedum. We are forever in your debt for bringing back our children.” He motions for Jurin to join him, and the boy rushes over the gang plank to join him at his side. “I will take Jurin to his father. Tomorrow, we can discuss business, but tonight, you have a key to the city!” The crowd cheers wildly with this.


He is a notorious thug and brutal enforcer of Kreeds rules. Payden is feared throughout the town and lumbar cutyards.

Boss Payden Teedum

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