Jak Crimmy

Owner of Jak a' Napes Inn


This leaning ramshackle
inn located next to the town’s stables offers
lodgings and food to the many travelers
who pass through Falcon’s Hollow. The
owner, a rotund red-faced human named
Jak Crimmy, with a single wisp of bright
red hair on his otherwise bald head, is a
retired bard who sports an easy smile. Jak’s
cinnamon-crusted flapjacks are legendary
in town, as is his skill at juggling frying
pans and his astonishing marksmanship
with a heavy crossbow


Married with one daughter, Jacqueline. He has owned the Inn for 20 years and hopes to pass it onto his daughter. He is an honest man with a kind heart. He can be trusted and is a good source for information.

He owns a clean and friendly tavern where hot meals are included in the price of the room.

Jak Crimmy

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