Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Wolf Attack

To everyone horror, back in the direction the ladies are, you hear terrible screaming, and what sounds like a wolf attacking them! Your heart stops as you fear the worst. Everyone takes off running down stream towards the noise. You hear this terrible screaming for 10 seconds or so (one to two rounds). Then all you can hear is the splashing of your boots along the the river bank and your equipment bouncing as you sprint to help.

As you round a bend, everyone stops for a second and witnesses a tragic sight. Liliandil’s body lays motionless face down in the sand. Her legs float in the creek, wanting to carry the rest of her downstream. Ten feet away, Amrolle’s body lies next to her. She lay on her back in a pool of blood and flesh. As everyone sprints towards them, you can see her throat has been torn out. Celeste is missing, but much of her clothing is also bloodied and laying on the rocks. On the other side of the creek, you all see fresh entrails and a trail of blood up the far embankment and into the forest. It appears the girl was also killed and taken by a wolf into the forest across the creek.


darkshada darkshada

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