Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Tracking of Aleece


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“This is Heinrick. Better known as the Trollman.” Kaleb introduces. “And over there is S’jeer, the Gypsy’s traveling parlor.” He points out an exotically decorated covered wagon. Several other carnival hired hands emerge from their tents to greet the newcomers.

The group arrives at the tent of the three acrobat sisters and are greeted by Littie, a girl in her late teens, and Poppy a tiny girl of about 10. Despite their age difference, both sisters possess a striking resemblance. The little one had been crying and wipes her tears as the pathfinders approach.

“This is where Aleece was last seen.” Kaleb tells the group.

The group stands towards the back edge of the cluster of tents and wagons. Beyond the camp, the night’s darkness hides the grassy foothills of the Darkmoon planes. In the vast distance, the Arthfell Forest.

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Abraham asks for a personal item from Aleece for Leon to obtain the girl’s sent. Littie offers a soft rag doll that her sister had had for years. “Aleece slept with this doll every night. We found it in her bed.” The girl hands the doll to Brantus.

It didnt take long for Leon to gather the girl’s sent. Almost as long as it took Flicker to discover one set of fresh tracks leading away from the tent.

Nyllbryn and Abraham study their animal’s find. They are definitely Aleece’s tracks. It appears the girl simply walked away from the camp alone. The tracks move down a slight hill into the darkness.

Abraham and Nyll both ask to meet S’jeer, the fortune teller. Kaleb nods and hurries off to fing the woman. In the mean time, Pippa (unless Mel decided to keep Pip back at the tavern… let me know) speaks with the two sisters. Littie claims that Aleece was acting normal that night before bed and that she couldnt think of anyone who would want to harm her. The three sisters have been performing with this troop for 5 years. Their mother was part of the act until she passed 2 years ago. They were never told who their father was. The Crooked Kin are now their family.

Nyllbryn quickly casts Detect Magic on the area (it was a good suggestion by Ivor), but nothing seems to harbor any magical aura. Their tent… inside and out… nothing magical. He does notice a faint magical glow coming from inside the windows of S’jeer’s wagon.

Brantus move to Heinrick, the slender giant. “If I may ask, where did you do your last few performances ? Did you have any trouble at any of them ? Maybe someone showed great interest in the girls ? Was there a rival troupe in the area who may be jealous or bear some sort of grudge ? Anything like that ?” The man looks around for Kaleb first, then leans down and quietly speaks with the dwarf. “We used to travel with Quinn’s Carnival, but Kaleb and Quinn… well, they had a falling out. Now we perform on our own and struggle to make a living.” He looks around again and sees Kaleb walking back to the group with S’jeer, the seer. “We have traveled across Adoran, having last performed with Quinn’s Carnival in Almas. Then we struck out on our own and went to Riverford, then Oregent, and plan on stopping at Olfden.” He says.

Kaleb brings S’jeer with him to meet the group. She is a human woman with long dark hair. She wears long silken clothes that gather at her wrists and ankles. She is darker complected and is probably a native of the lands south of the Inner Seas. (Mediterranean looking)

“Hello.” She greets all of you. “I am S’jeer, the Vudrani Princess. Thank you for coming to help us. How might I be of service?”


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