Tales From Darkmoon Vale

The Temple District


A short distance away from the massive courthouse, a large Temple of Sarenrae dominates this area. It is the most impressive religious structure in the city. (Like a small cathedral) It’s obvious that Sarenrae is the most worshiped deity in Olfden. Possibly due to Luna Aldred’s influence. If worshipers of Calistra live in this city, they are not open to share their beliefs.

Jaeshar looks for a temple of Torag next, but soon realizes that the followers of Torag and those of Saranrae are rarely seen close. Clerics of Torag dont understand the worship of the sun like those of Sarenrae.

Due to the monopoly of Sarenrae in Olfden, the barbarian strolls into the temple. He is warmly greeted by several clerics who advise him, that for a substantial donation to their church, (300 gold) he could gain an audience with the high priestess Lissel for the transformation of Earthbreaker.


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