Tales From Darkmoon Vale

The Silver Bulette

Eventually, the group reconvienes outside and makes their way across town to the Silver Bulette. Just before entering, the clock tower on the north end of the city can be heard chiming 5. The cool Autumn breeze has begun to sweep across the town. The feel of winters clutches grows near.

The Silver Bulette Tavern is another large building. It is two, possibly three stories tall at sections. There were other smaller taverns and Inns, but this one is by far the largest. The surrounding streets are full of activity. Citizens finish their daily routines and are making their way home. Others are just coming out for a bit of the night life.

Across the small square, several patrons enter Olfden’s most famous resturant, the Thrumming Birch. Most of you are familiar (Pippa, Nyll, Lil, Brantus) with this resturant. It is owned by the flamboyant Master Chef Tobias Thrum. He serves, among many other bizarre dishes, a wide variety of dishes with the main ingredient of boiled Grick. He will post a monthly menue outside, offering to purchase a wide range of exotic creatures.

Upon entering the Silver Bulette, it doesnt take long for the group to find Lazne and two other men from Morast. The sit alone at a table next to a smaller fireplace. They are dressed in long leather fisherman’s coats. One wears a large billed leather hat, while the other leans back in his chair and pulls hard on a pipe. All three men are several days unshaven and stand out from the others in the tavern.

Across the large room, a few tables from the main fireplace, two younger couples sit and eat dinner. They are fingered by a serving girl to be the parents of Karin and Gaard. Two of the children killed by Mordore.

Other notable patrons…

A portly man in his mid thirties drinks out of a silver stein and seems to have a following of local groupies. He is not a particularly handsome man, nor does he appear to be a famous adventurer. Yet he enjoys the fellowship of a dozen people.

Sitting at the main bar, a young man with dark hair wearing dark black, with almost a deep purple hue, leather armor sits with a younger girl. He wears an eye patch and a longsword on his hip. A round ledger rests on the bar in front of him. Next to him, a young girl, possibly in her early teens, sits quietly. She has bright red hair and wears a fashionable green dress of high quality fabric. The redhead and her male escort sit quietly, while every so often, the girl turns to watch the portly fellow with his guests drink, eat and enjoy themselves across the room. Her male companion however, notices your group enter the tavern, elbows the girl as if to notify her, yet is ignored by her. Her curiosity with the other man consumes her interest.

One of the two sets of parents also notices your group enter the tavern, but appear unaware of your possible interest with them.

The rest of the tavern is busy with two dozen citizens of all walks of life. A single musician plays a flute while a poor magician performs parlor tricks for those interested. Several serving girls work the room.


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