Tales From Darkmoon Vale

The Dawn of a New Day


Liliandil and Brantus wake early that morning to a renewed hope. The sick are awake and sitting up. Their fevers have broken and it appears they are recovering quickly. The antidote was a success! Liliandil invites Laurel and Abraham back to the ship for breakfast.

Returning to the ship, the group sees several townspeople leaving gifts on the dock by the ship. Everything from crafts, trinkets, flowers, and food. Word has obviously spread to the countryside that the town is no longer infected. Rows of fresh baked bread, baked meats and bottles of wine are being left for the adventurers.

A male halfling dressed in fine clothing approaches the dock. He carries a scroll case in his hand, and raises it in greeting to the cleric and her friends from the field hospital.

“Goot Morgin!” He calls to them. (lame German accent) “I am Vamros Harg, za town Magistrate. I vish to velcome you back to Falcon’s Hollow. I am afraid I missed za celebration last night, but I bring an invitation for all of you to join me later zis morgin for breakfast. Za town und za Lumbar Consortium, unza Thuldrin Creed vishes to reward you for your bravery und courage for bringing back za children und za cure for za zickness.”

He hands the scroll to Liliandil and gives a partial bow. “Za town hall is just beyond za gallows in za Lower Market. Shall we zay in von hour?”

She looks at the scroll. It is from Thuldrin Creed himself and reads as a formal thank you for returning Jurin, is son, home safely. It continues by extending an invitation for breakfast at the city hall. It also explains that the finest Tanner, Blacksmith, Seamstress, and Woodcarver had been summoned to join in the meal, and that their services would be complementary of the Lumbar Consortium. A gift.

Liliandil smiles and accepts the invite. “We’d be honored guests.” She tells him.

The group gathers on board the ship. Liliandil introduces everyone to Abraham. Laurel greets everyone again, having met them two weeks ago. Brigette had fixed hot coffee on the main deck and gathered much of the food left by the townspeople. The group begins discussing plans for the day.


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