Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Settling Accounts

Pippa, Brantus and Lilaindril approach the seven adults sitting together at a large wooden table to the side of the main fireplace. As they approach, 3 of the adults follow their approach with their eyes, but say nothing.

Pippa introduces herself, Brantus and Liliandril to them and respectfully asks if they can ask them some questions regarding the events in Hergstag.

The parents sit quietly at first, not knowing how to react. Finally, one woman snaps at them. “We dont wish to discuss anything with you. My Ellsa is dead. The woman to her left chimes in. So is my Rachel. My little girl. Dead because of that beast.” It appears the conversation will end up the same until one man holds his hand up.

“My name is Filmore. I too lost my son Gaard to that beast… but we have no quarrel with you good people.” He glares at the two women. “Being rude doesnt help heal the pain any of us are feeling. It only makes things worse.” He stands to greet you formally. “As I said, Im Filmore. Filmore Raupach. Gaard’s father. This is my wife Una.” His wife forces a smile. He continues by introducing the others. “She is Shreya, and that is her husband Gunter Weitz, Karin’s parents. This is Sophia Erhart, Ellsa’s mother. Her husband was too grief stricken to make the journey. He stayed in Hergstag. Last we have Vinzenz and Helmina Quint, Rachel’s parents.” Each nod their greeting. Filmore sits back down, but doesnt offer any of you a seat. “Maarten and Allen’s parents left town grief stricken and havent been seen since. Im afraid we have said everything we need to say to Gustav and the prosecution team.”

(a quick note to stay organized)
Filmore and Una Raupach- Gaard’s parents
Shreya and Gunter Weitz are Karin’s parents
Sophia and Jorg Erhart are Ellsa’s parents- Jorg Erhart stayed back in Hergstag
Vinzenz and Helmina Quint- Rachel’s parents
Parents of Maarten and Allen left Hergstag

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Bishop and Nymegan slide their stools back from the bar. Now that the girl stands, Jaeshar notices the girl’s thin dress is actually tiny green scales. So tiny that the casual observer would miss it. The color is incredible. Several different shades of green. Her shoes are a matching dark polished green flat soled shoe. She waits by the door for Bishop.

Before he leaves, Bishop leans closer to Jaeshar. “You and your group rode into town from Falcon’s Hallow. Days before that, you intercepted a ship known as The Crow. It’s cargo was to be sold to us. I have the bill of sales here.” He taps his ledger. “However, you tried to prevent this cargo from being delivered to us. Just so you know. The current captain of the boat refused to hand over its beloved cargo also. That is, until I bit her friend’s head off. She couldnt wait to hand over the two mermaids on board.” He leans in closer and whispers. “Nymegan said they were delicious.” He smiles at the barbarian. “There is one last bit of cargo that you have hidden from us. Eutropia, the Grand Duchess of Taldor. Outside of the city, there is a road leading west into the Arthfell Forest. A mile into the wood, there is an abandon wagon with a broken axle. We will wait for you there at the twelfth bell tonight. Bring the duchess. We have something of value for you in trade.”

With that, he joins the side of the girl and they leave the Silver Bulette.


The barbarian stares at Pippa for a long moment, and says, “Funny you should mention that.” But, from his tone, it’s not funny at all. “We may want to get your mother and the other local heroes involved in this as well, Liliandil, as they have a vested interest in protecting Olfden. Luckily, this will not interfere with the Beast’s case.” Coincidentally answering Brantus’ thoughts.

Before going on with the conversation, he turns to explain, as serious as he’s ever been, who Nymegan and Bishop are to Emelyn and the newly-arrived Eutropia. Better they understand what they are dealing with when he gets to that point in the discussion. He leaves nothing out, as much a sign of respect for the Church of Saranrae and for a member of the nobility who has gone through so much already, and may have much more to do tonight.

“When we first arrived at the Silver Bulette earlier, I split off from the group. There were a couple reasons for that. The first is that I’m not the greatest diplomat in the world.” Boy, is that an understatement. He’s more likely to kill something than to talk to it, and he LOOKS it. “The second reason is that the people you were going to be talking to already have reason to be afraid of people like me. Granted, the Beast is bigger than I am, but not by all that much. I figured it would be better if I wasn’t looming over them and making them nervous. So I went to the bar. And here’s where the third reason comes into play.” He licks his dry lips, mostly because he’s probably said more in one session at this point than he’s said in whole days before. Well, intelligibly at least. “You remember the man with the eyepatch that was sitting at the bar? Not a man.” He does smirk here and nods to Brantus. “But he’s the reason for the eyepatch. And the girl in the green dress? Not a dress. Or, rather, not fabric. Tiny green scales. Bishop and Nymegan. When we arrived, Nymegan was staring at Wataxshyl, but Bishop elbowed her to point us out to them. I was looking right at them when he did it, so I saw it.”

“I settled down at the bar and asked what was so interesting about Wataxshyl, since he didn’t seem that impressive.” He paused a long moment. “I’d hoped he’d have shown up by now, since I was going to ask him to help give us air superiority, but it appears he’s a cowardly copper dragon. It would have been nice, but I guess we’ll have to do without.” A shrug, and he goes on. “Bishop, though I didn’t know who he was at the time, said that they were ‘prospectors looking for a certain,’ and before he could finish, Nymegan said something in a language I don’t understand, probably the dragon language.” He carefully sounded out the word ‘delicacies’ in Draconic, as well as he could remember it, but he probably completely mangled the word. Still, Nyll could probably figure it out from context, knowing Nymegan and all. “When I told them I didn’t understand what she was saying, Nymegan said that Wataxshyl was an old friend who pretends not to know her. Bishop then told me that we’d met before, not long before, and that we had unfinished business. Of course, I don’t recall any one-eyed humanoids that I’d met recently – well, humanoid males – but then, I was hardly expecting those two to be sitting in a bar like your standard human, was I?”

Here he stopped to lick his lips again, as they’d gone dry (again). It’s not that he wasn’t afraid – he wasn’t stupid enough to not be afraid, but this was a lot of talking. “As they were leaving, that’s when I noticed the dress wasn’t really a dress. Bishop stopped before he left and… he told me that the cargo of The Crow was to be sold to them, when we intercepted them. The Captain of the ship also refused to turn the mermaids over… until Bishop bit her friends’ head off. Bishop said that Nymegan said the mermaids were delicious, which is why I assume they are dead. At least, I sure HOPE they are dead. I don’t know if any of the other crew members are dead. I expect, if they are, it is at the whim of Nymegan. And now we come to the last thing. If you recall, one of the people here with us was ALSO part of that cargo.” He turned to look at Eutropia now, and went on. “I don’t know whether Nymegan intended to eat you or ransom you, but they know you, Eutropia, Grand Duchess of Taldor, were on that ship. Bishop and Nymegan want us to bring you to an abandoned wagon a mile into the Arthfell at twelfth bell tonight. Bishop said they have something of value for us in trade, but I do not think that’s possible. And that’s why I wanted to get everyone involved. If we can get an army of our own together, we should be able to counter Bishop, Nymegan, and any army they can muster up from the werewolves of the Arthfell as well. I’m intending to go with Emelyn back to the Temple of Sarenrae, and I hope Emelyn can get me in to see Lissel and talk to her about this. You should come as well, Liliandil, as one who serves in the same Temple. I was thinking that Fortunato could try and get ahold of Captain Alaric or a representative… and I’m open for other ideas. But we don’t have much time to coordinate against this threat, both to us and to Olfden proper.”

Settling Accounts
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