Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Recruiting at the Courthouse


Ivor, Pippa and Liliandril continue on their way through the streets to the courthouse. Gunther had agreed to testify in court for the defense, but something tells you he might have second thoughts once the time comes. He did however show courage in wanting the group to know the truth about that night.

As the group reaches the open courtyard of the northern park, the clock tower bell strikes 7 bells. Bishop scheduled the meeting just five hours from now at a location roughly an hour walk from the city.

Only Three Diamond Regiment guards stand at attention on the steps of the building. The vast courtyard is mostly cleared except for a few die-hard protesters that have peacefully made camp.

The soldiers recognize you and one escorts you inside to Sergeant Drassler, who is off duty.

She is happy to see you and brings you to Captain Alaric’s quarters. (back post any discussions with him)
Liliandril explains the situation and asks for any soldiers that can be spared to help bolster their ranks. Margo immediately clicks her heels and volunteers to join and offers the group the services of the twelve soldiers under her command.

Captain Alaric ponders the loss of these men for the night and agrees to re-assign them since the crowd has quietly dispersed for the night.

Margo assembles her men in the main courtroom for a briefing. (back post here) They are made aware that the group plans to leave out the west gate at the eleventh bell.


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