Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Nia, Norvil and Oolastina

The group eventually regroups in the forest where the battle took place. Those on the trail (Liliandil, Azure, Kibbo and the children) drag the two dead orcs with them, as Nyll drags the orc he killed. Therefore, the bodies of 7 orcs lay lined up. A quick search of the bodies only revealed simple weapons, a few arrows along with two long bows and short swords.

Fortunado channels energy (mark it off) and heals everyone within 30 feet 4 hit points.

Pippa cuts the ropes binding their wrists as she asks them to explain what had happened.

The female elf speaks first. “My name is Oolastina. I am a Priestess of Iomedae. I was originally stationed within the temple in Oregent, just east of the Arthfell Forest.”

(Knowledge check +4 DC 15 to recognize or know more detail about the city)

“I was given the task to travel to Falcon’s Hallow to help bolster the struggling Temple of Iomedae within the small town. Norvil and his sister Nia asked to join me. They have business in the area.” She nods to them to explain more.

Norvil holds out his hand to Nia silencing her. “It is as she said. I am Norvil Braum, and this is my sister Nia Braum. Our father is the wizrard Braum of Almas City. We met in Oregent, and the three of us agreed to travel together to Falcon’s Hallow. About half way there, our camp was ambushed by raiders. We were taken aboard that ship. When they discovered she and I are spell casters, our hands were tied. We were moved below deck when they approached Falcon’s Hallow. They stopped for supplies, and picked up two human females. Commoners. Then we continued upstream.”

Nia steps in front of her brother, after hearing about the two girls. “There are others on board the ship. We were lucky to escape. When the timing was right, we jumped overboard and swam to the forest. I promised we’d come back for the others if we made it. We have to go back for them!” She cries.

Norvil interrupts her. “There are at least a dozen orcs on board, including Ugadey, their leader. In addition to several Kobolds, a goblin, and a dark fey.” He pauses for a moment. “But there is something else… something they are keeping below decks. Below the lower deck. Only Ugadey himself and the fey are allowed below. They refer to whatever’s down there as The Prize. They are headed upstream to some type of slavers auction where they’ll sell most of us off to a Kobold tribe. They mentioned sailing farther north into the Five King Mountains after that. But Im not sure why.”

Liliandil spoke up. “Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ll do everything we can to help. We are traveling back to Falcon’s Hallow now with specific items hoping to find a cure for a disease that has ravaged the citizens of the small town. The kobold tribe you mentioned. The ones you will meet farther north. We found their camp on the beach north of Lake Droskmere several days ago. You’ll be happy to know they are all dead.” She acknowledges Fortunado, who was rescued from their clutches. “Our friend here was also enslaved by them.” She stops before telling them too much. If she hasnt already given away too much.


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