Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Missing Children

Not needing much other than the food and water you have already purchased, you decide to take this time and find Sheriff Deldrin. You walk back into the lower market which, as usual, is quite busy. After some time, you find Deldrin walking out of the town’s Tribunal. He remembers you from this morning at Jac a Napes Inn. You inquire about Kimmi and her mother. Deldrin looks surprised when you ask. “Why do you ask Barbarian?” He questions slowly moving his hand to his sword.

Knowing Jac thinks highly of Deldrin, you feel you can trust him, so you gamble, and tell him what happened to Kimmi in the alley two days ago.

You explain what happened when you were locked in the cage and that the girl befriended you giving you a small loaf of bread. Spivey and his men cornered her in an alley and beat her severely. You fear for the girl and her mother’s safety.

Deldrin listens to you nodding his head. “I appreciate you telling me this…” letting go of his sword a bit. “Tess, Kimmi’s mother came to see me this morning early claiming her daughter hasn’t been home for some time. It’s not like Kimmi to stay out overnight, let alone for two nights… even if the moon is in its darkest phase. Now with you telling me this, I’m wondering if Spivey has the balls to actually do anything to the girl. I wouldn’t put it past him.” He thinks for a bit longer. “Walk with me Jaeshar.” as you both head towards the Rougue Lady. “Kimmi and Hollib, Ralla’s brother, are about the same age and pal around together. Lets see if he knows anything.”

You both walk around the back of the tavern to the docks. Deldrin kicks the boot of a logger passed out along the waterfront waking him up as you walk past. Around back, there is a small narrow wooden staircase that leads up to the second story. A long balconey runs the length of the Tavern which overlooks the docks and the River Foam. You walk with Deldrin up the stairs and he knocks on the last door. A few seconds later, Ralla opens the door. She is pleasantly surprised to see Deldrin and smiles at you. “Good morning.” She says in a soothing voice.

“Good morning Ralla, this is Jaeshar. Can we speak with Holib? We are looking for Kimmi Eavewalker, and were hoping he may know where she is?” Deldrin asks.

“I wish I could help, but Hollib isnt here either. In fact, I’m quite upset with Him. Sarah finally told me this morning, that he went camping with Kimmi, Mykra, and a few others. Hollib didn’t tell me because he knew I wouldn’t approve.” She snarls. “Sarah told me they wanted to explore the old orphanage north of here. The kids say it’s haunted. They’ve been gone for two days now. I was beginning to worry and was going to check with Tess to see if she knew more.” At this time, a young girl roughly 12 years old with long red curly hair comes walking up the staircase. It’s Sarah, Ralla’s youngest sister. Seeing Deldrin, she knew she was in trouble.

“I tried to tell him not to go! He wouldn’t listen to me!” Sarah yells up the stairs. “It’s not my fault. They wanted me to go with them, but Jurin Kreed was planning on going, and he’s a creep. He keeps hitting on me and is always trying to touch me. Im not camping while he’s around.”

“Oh Great Gods. Deldrin murmurs. “Jurin Kreed is the son of Thuldrin Kreed, the Lumbar Baron in town. This just keeps getting better and better.” He says looking at Jaeshar. “If you and your friends head north out of town, could you stop out at the old burned out orphanage and check on them? Tell them to get home. The moon phase will not be dark much longer. The orphanage burned last year and many of the children were lost. It was horrible. Only a few of the children found they’re way to town. The place has been abandoned since.”

You thank Ralla for her time and promise to send Hollib home if you find him. You seem to notice her blush when you speak to her. As you leave the area, you look back and notice Ralla and her sister watching you walk away from the balcony. Sarah waves to you and Ralla smacks her on the arm.

“I’d go talk with Thuldrin Kreed about Jurin, if it wasnt for the fact that he hates me.” Deldrin says with a smile. “He’d love to figure out a way to blame me for Jurin gone missing and have me removed from my position as Sherrif. I’ll tell Tess about Kimmi and let her know that you have agreed to check in on them when you head out of town.”

He wishes you and your friends luck and shakes your hand. “I was wrong about you Jaeshar.” He says with a smile. “Find those kids… and a cure for the Blackscour Disease… and we will all drink to better days together at Jac’s.”


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