Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Meeting with Gustav


Gustov isnt sure what condition the bodies of the children were in. He assumes they were crushed and mangled by the beast.

With the beast content with finishing the remaining apples, Gustav offers a more private location upstairs, to continue their discussion. The group leaves the dungeon up the stone staircase just as Margo leads 4 Diamond Regiment soldiers down to guard the creature. They are armed with crossbows and long swords, but have a much more disciplined demeanor. Sergeant Dassler nods as they pass wishing the group safe travels in their investigations.

The group settles in with Gustav in a small study, where the court clerk joins them to register each member as volunteer defence investigators. This way, they will have court authority to inquire about the killings and question witnesses. Each is handed a simple metal badge with the Olfden city courthouse crest on it.

Gustav stutters his way through the evidence again with the group. (reminds me of the public defender in My Cousin Vinnie) He explains that the trial starts in two days with the prosecution calling witnesses to testify from the small fishing hovel of Morast. The village is hidden away within the Morast Swamp. He points out the location on a map (see attachment). He’ll cross examine the witnesses the best he can while the group is gone, but will need all the help they can get before he begins for the defense. He estimates the group has 3 to 4 days to gather what they can from Morast and Hergstag, and make it back before the defense begins its case.

Modore is accused of killing 10 villagers from Morast.

Modore is also accused of killing 6 children from the town of Hergstag. Witnesses claim to have seen him carrying Elsa, one of the dead children in town. The bodies of the remaining five children were discovered in the beast’s lair deep in the swamp.

Gustav admits he thinks Modor is guilty, but believes as Judge Daramid, that the Beast deserves a fair trial.

It is the 13th of Neth and he asks the group to return no later than the 17th. Otherwise, he fears it will be too late.


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