Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Lizmilla's Cottage


The adventurers move quickly to the front porch of the wooden house. Pippa and Brantus leading the way watching the shadows for hidden foes. The roof over the wooden porch provided the first bit of shelter from the deluge.

A wooden door hangs on its hinges slightly ajar. The two windows on either side are protected by a pair of closed shutters. The inside of the house is dark. The porch is covered in dead leaves and dust. The door shows little signs of use.

Brantus and Jaeshar enter the home first with weapons drawn. The wizards and Fortunado next, followed by the ladies. A quick light spell by Nyllbrym illuminates the room while Azure scans for auras of magic.

The group enters the main living area of the cottage. A wooden staircase to your right ascends to the small second story. Several of the steps appear to have rotted away. A large stone fireplace fills much of the left wall and a stack of dry wood has been piled next to it. A double door at the back of the room leads to the back half of the house. A large wooden table with 4 chairs has been overturned. There are signs that someone or something has bedded down here in the recent past by using a pile of straw. The glass windows have been broken, but provide plenty of protection from the wind. A rusted metal lantern sits on the stone hearth.

Overall, the house is dry and will provide shelter for the night.

ooc: I’ll provide a map once a bit more is explored. What does everyone wish to do first?


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