Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Leaving the Grove


Myka agrees to travel home with the escort. He will tell the towns people of your success and update them on your journey to rescue the Kimmi, Jurin and Hollib. He pulls himself up onto the back of Largos and the Centaurs ride off into the forest.

Syntira gathers everyone together one last time at the outer gates. Hugging Liliandil goodbye and wishing her luck. “I have one last gift to give.” She says as she hands each of you a potion of healing (cure light wounds d8+5). “If you are hurt and things seem bleak, drink this and be renewed.” She tells you.

The unicorn from yesterday appears again outside the gate and steps into the open. “There he is. Follow him now and he will lead you through the gates to the other side.” The Nymph Queen says. Everyone hurries to follow the magical horse who trots away. You wave goodbye looking back to Syntira one last time and notice the forest animals joining her in her goodbye.

You follow the path of the unicorn for roughly 50 yards through the forest before you loose track of him. The forest seems different now. It is darker and less green. There are more dead trees than before. The forest is still thick with life, but it seems not as healthy.

You travel for much of the day following Felicity away from the Darkmoon Lake towards the Five Kings Mountain that makes up the skyline beyond the forest to the north. (see attached map to help you remember) The faun estimates the cottage is ahead and roughly an hours walk. The sky behind you grows dark. Syntira’s forecast of the storm appears to be accurate.

The group decides to rest for a few minutes and many of you take the opportunity to eat some dried rations. It’s not much, but will have to due to save time. You begin packing up when everyone hears a sound that makes you stand at attention. The slow swoosh of wind from large winds over head. Everyone looks to the sky to find a large purplish black winged dragon flying over the treetops hunting for prey. The Wyvern is back!

“Quickly, take cover under those trees.” Liliandil whispers. And everyone moves quickly for cover. The Priestess move Halflinger into the thick brush hiding the pony from sight.

The Wyvern flys directly overhead staring down at the group. Fear grips all of you as you are sure the creature notices you. It flys over making one pass and disappears. Jaeshar and Brantus step out looking for it in the sky, but it no where to be seen. After a few minutes, everyone decides to continue with caution.

The forest appears to grow darker and the ground becomes more damp. Tiny rain drops begin to fall on the treetops and a light mist is felt on everyone. The soil becomes more wet as you enter a marsh. The mud is about an inch deep and everyone is growing tired and cold.

As the group works their way through the trees hoping to find the cottage, the sound of a large branch breaking ahead causes everyone to stop. You hear the breathing of a large animal ahead. Everyone holds their breath to keep quiet as they notice the large Wyvern 30 feet ahead peering around a clump of dead trees at you. It hisses a warning at the party, then takes a step forward.

It appears there is no way around this fight. This may be the end of you. Death seems to have suddenly found you.

ooc: roll initiative

images to follow once I find my flash drive


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