Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Kobold Queen


Liliandil nods at Pippa and Nyllbryn, then slowly moves with the rogue towards the children. The three boys have moved to the base of the dias and are sitting on the steps . Jurin is counting the coins he had gathered. Hollin sits quietly, not able to find a single coin in time. Mikra challenges Jurin. “The rich keep on getting richer, huh Jurin?” But the boy just ignored the insult and pockets the coins.

Janiven laid Edgrin down, crossing his hands over his chest, then moves quickly out of the room back down the tunnel Brantus told her he saw her equipment. Within seconds, screams of fear are heard from the Kobold as the human enters the queen’s chamber.

Nyllbryn and Jaeshar move quickly to react to the disturbance heading down the hallway. They arrive in time to see Janiven toss a tiny Kobold out of her way as the others run to the side of the chamber in fear. She reaches a pile of gear quickly finding her falcion sword buckling it into place. Then she gathers a few more items.

This cozy chamber is heated by bricks of old mold-ridden incense. A tousled wolf-skin bed lies in one corner of the room, a stone table piled high with poorly crafted necklaces, rings and bracelets of gold in another. Several chunks of polished obsidian are stacked haphazardly on one wall here as well, forming a bizarre half-mirror. The kobold women, children and slaves rush to the far side of the room as the adventurers enter. The Kobold Queen stands proudly in front of them. She has is dressed in her finest gown and wears a tiara made of gemstones. She is much better groomed than the others.

As Nyll and Jae enter, she stands ready to face her fate. Jaeshar notices Kimmi close behind him.

Meanwhile, back in the Kings Chamber, Pippa, Fortunado and Liliandil wait. Pippa hands the sacrificial dagger to Azure for further inspection. Liliandil looks towards Brantus motioning him over. “My dear friend. You are still hurt. Let me help you.” She calls upon the blessings of Sarenrae and places her hands over your wounds healing them. ( You are brought back to full)

Jurin, the chubby blond haired boy speaks up when he sees half the party leave the cave. “When can we get out of here? I need to get out of here. Do any of you know who I am? I’m Jurin Kreed. Son of Boss Kreed the lumber baron in Falcon’s Hallow. My family is rich and my dad is powerful and if you don’t help me escape, he will hunt all of you down.” Looking around the room at everyone and only seeing Liliandil listening, he continues… “You all need to listen to me! I’m Jurin Kreed!” He yells like a spoiled child.

“Shut up!” Interrupts Hollin, finally breaking his silence. “We all want to go home goblin breath, but your stupid rich dad can’t help us now, so just shut up.”

He finally introduces himself to the others as Hollin Hebbradan. Jurin then interupts, talking over him. “His sister is Ralla. She works at the Rouge Lady. They named the place after her because her hair is red.” Jurin points at Hollin’s hair. “Unlike Hollin, she’s gorgeous! It’s obvious she got all the looks in the family.” He says laughing at Hollin, watching the boy look to the floor in shame.

Hollin mutters, “Our parents died from the blackscour taint 3 years ago, and things have been hard for us.” His eyes water up. “I just want to go home too.” Mikra glares at Jurin and slides over placing his skinny arm around the boy. “Let them finish things up here and we’ll be off in a minute. I promise.” Mikra comforts.


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