Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Intro Pippa

It is late when everyone hears a rap on the front doors to the Inn. Jac rushes to the door to unlatch the lock. Jacqueline stands noticeably scared at who it might be. Jac opens the doors and a man and a woman enter the inn. The woman appears to be human and is soaking wet and freezing. She holds her arms across her chest shivering. The man is a half elf wearing studded leather under a white and blue tunic depicting the crest of Falcon’s Hallow on the front. The half elf rests a lumberjack’s axe against the wall. Jac motions for Jacqueline who quickly rushes to help the freezing woman to the fire. Jac and the man speak for a moment, laugh and then depart with the man’s hand resting on Jac’s shoulder.

Jac approaches the party. "That was Sheriff Deldrin Baleson: Deldrin used to be a poor lumberjack toiling in the cutyards under Thuldrin Kreed’s oppressive
thumb. One day he refused to pay an “axe tax” on a lumberaxe he had already bought and paid for. When Spivey tried to take Deldrin’s axe, the half-elf smashed
Spivey’s face with the flat of it. As one of the few locals to stand up to Spivey and Kreed, he was elected Sheriff the following week. Now he carries the same axe around
on his shoulder to remind Spivey and Boss Kreed he is not afraid of them. "

Deldrin was tall for a half-elf, towering over most humans, and his well-muscled, imposing form is further enhanced by his sharp goldflecked eyes.

Jac continues, “the town watch fished that woman out of the Foam River a few minutes ago.” Motioning to the woman by the fire with Jacqueline. “She was trying to swim across the icy water. Who knows what the rush was to get to Falcon’s Hallow. McKonky’s Ferry only runs during the day. She must have been running from someone… or something. to attempt swimming across the Foam River at night. She’s lucky the current didnt carry her miles down stream.” Jac says looking her way. “Deldrin is an honest man and a good friend of mine. He brought her here for the night. We’ll feed her and tomorrow, send her on her way.”

The woman sits with Jacqueline by the fire eating a warm meal, leery of all in the room. She has short brown hair with blonde highlights. She wears common cotton clothing that fits snug around her tiny frame. It was obviously purchased in Oldfen because of the quality of the fiber. She is attractive, but probably of common stock. She carries no equipment and appears weaponless.


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