Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Guardian of the Grove


The group is resting on the edge of the clearing for only a few minutes when Surri flys back in frustration. “I dont understand. This should be where the hidden gates are. The guardian must not know we’re here.” She tells Liliandil.

Just then, Felicity stands up and walks into the middle of the clearing. She takes out her pipes and plays a few notes. Everyone watches silently as she begins to sing. Her voice seems to echo as if in a great cathedral. She has the most beautiful voice anyone has ever heard. [everyone needs to make a Wisdom saving throw… Nyll and Fortunado are not effected).

She sings the song in a language not familiar to most of you [make Knowledge Nature check if you want to decipher it] and sways back and forth with her arms stretched out. The song lasts only a short while. When she stops, she turns to look at the party. She smiles. “Now we wait.” Speaking for the first time.

Several of you see her in an entirely new light. She is beautiful, fare and desirable. You would do whatever she asked just to lay with her for one night. You would protect her even if it meant harm to yourself. Whatever she asked of you.

Just then, the group hears movement in the trees opposite you. Felicity turns her back to you and faces the direction of the sound. A lone white horse runs out from the darkness of the trees and stops a few feet into the clearng. His head held high as he glares at you all. Smelling the air, unsure of who you are. He beats the ground with his hoof several times then turns. When the stallion turns, what you see next brings everyone to their feet. A single horn on his forehead. Roughly two feet of glittering light. Everyone is speechless. This is a creature that people talk about, but no one ever sees. Today, you witnessed what many have dreamed of. A unicorn.

The stallion looks back at you as he begins to slowly walk into the forest.

“Quickly!” Felictiy yells. “He senses our intentions are pure, and he leads us to the gates.”

ooc: Everyone instantly gains another 150 xps. Let me know who fails their saving throws.


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