Tales From Darkmoon Vale

GreyPelt's Lair


At closer inspection, those that step inside the room (Brantus, Liliandil and Jaeshar) notice a few more things. The patch of Iron Bloom Mushrooms are growing against the north and east walls in the room (green dots). The heavy column that has fallen in the middle of the room is roughly 3 feet in diameter. GreyPelt is perched on this and uses it to elevate himself. A large wooden table with three wooden chairs rests in front of him. There is scraps of meat and bones across the table. It appears to be the dead carcass of a deer.

Laying on the tip of the stone column is a white and grey wolf with bright blue eyes. She lays there watching the group. A second wolf lays on the floor behind the column. You can see only its face peering around the object at all of you. It is a light grey. The other two wolves lay on the floor on the north side of the table, they are also grey and watch you.

However, you notice something else moving on the other side of the stone column, but cant quite make out what it is.

“A trade you ask for? A trade? Greypelt says as he stands up on top of the column. “Please, come in and lets discuss this trade you seek.” He opens his arms in a grand gesture almost to patronize the group.

Liliandil walks into the room cautiously with Brantus at her side and Jaeshar not far behind. Nyll flanks the door way with Fortunado as Azure positions himself against the far wall and casts a defensive spell. Pippa has run out of the room.

“I’d like to offer some form of trade for the ironbloom mushrooms that grow in this chamber.” She tells him.

“You may have my precious mushrooms, but in return, you must leave something of equal value. If these mushroom will save many people in Falcon’s Hallow, then their value is quite high. Especially if they sent all of you to recover them. What do you offer me?” He barks at her.

Then you hear a voice call out from behind the stone column. “They took Janiven and have the children down below! I couldnt stop them! You have to save them!” With that, the grey wolf laying behind the column turns and attacks the person. You quickly hear the attack silence him. You think the wolf didnt kill him, only bite down onto his throat to silence him because the attack was quick and then quiet.

Jaeshar remembers this halfling from the Sitting Duck Tavern. Janiven must be the woman that slapped him that night for his drunken offense. There was four in the group… the halfling, the attractive woman with short dark hair and the two men found dead this morning outside the monastery.

“My new dinner guest” Motioning behind the column, “Likes to interrupt us while we negotiate. The children he speaks of were taken by the Kobolds down below. The halfling here was given to me by the Kobolds for their safe passage through my den. Now, where were we on this trade?”


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