Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Delivering the Prize

Lissel places a gentle hand on Jaeshar’s arm. “There is no need to apologize. Your words did not offend me. We believe this is the only true way to prove ones devotion to Sarenrae. But the oath of chastity is not taken for a life time, and it is not forced upon our followers. With permission, one can marry when true love calls.” She smiles. “Has your heart discovered someone among our temple acolytes?” She is obviously referring to either Liliandril or Lady Emelyn. (back post if you wish, this is getting interesting)

(forward to the assembly)

The group assembles at the city’s western most gate. Everyone readies themselves and checks their gear. The soldiers are briefed again on the plan. They appear anxious, but ready.

The 11th bell chimes in the courthouse and the troop moves forward down the dirt road away from the walled city. The Arthfel Forest awaits about a mile away. Sergeant Drassler walks in front of the dozen soldiers under her command, while Emelyn and Razuck, both from the Temple, walk together.

The group follows the road into into the wood. Here the trees hide the lights from the now distant city. The slight sounds of chain armor is the only thing that can be heard. This night is darker than most, with the moon hidden behind a clouded sky.

The group travels deeper into the the forest, for roughly 30 minutes, before noticing a large abandoned wagon ahead off to the side of the road. It is leaning to its side due to a broken axil. As the group advances on the wagon, Jaeshar motions to the group. “The wagon is the mark. We are to move into the forest now.” (sorry to speak for Jae)

Brantus whispers to those around him. “Spread out. Move in groups of two. Mark the trees with daggers so we can find our way back to the road.”

(back post any other tactics)

The group moves quietly into the forest with weapons drawn. Roughly a hundred yards in from the road, a single light appears in the darkness ahead. “A lone lantern.” Margo whispers. “Roughly another hundred yards ahead.” The young officer glances to Jaeshar. “It looks like someone waits for us.”

“Or something.” Razuck suggests.


darkshada darkshada

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