Tales From Darkmoon Vale

Acquittal- 13th of Neth


Mid morning, the day of the arbitration meeting, Judge Daramid summons each of you to her chambers at the courthouse, 4 hours earlier than scheduled. Outside, the crowd has gathered again in protest over the Beast inside. This morning, however, the townspeople seems a bit more timid. Sergeant Drassler is seen speaking with a smaller number of soldiers out front, as well as several townspeople. She notices your group as you approach and waves you over.

“Ive been advised to expect you sooner.” The sergeant smiles. “It’s nice seeing you again.” She nods to Nyll, Fortunado and Jaeshar. “When you’re ready, Ive been asked to escort you to Judge Daramid’s chambers.” The commander’s smile tells she is aware of the news, but she keeps it to herself.

The commander escorts you up the courthouse stone steps and beyond two metal double doors. Inside the main level, a dozen soldiers are seemingly off duty. The main level of the courthouse consists of two larger rooms to accommodate the guards, along with several smaller rooms that act as a kitchen, storage and a few private rooms for officers. (see map attached. I’ll identify each room if needed or asked)

Margo takes the group up a flight of stairs to the second level into the grand courtroom. This large room is paneled in dark oak and its vaulted ceiling is 25 feet high. Three thronelike chairs with built in lecterns for the presiding justices stand in front of the east wall. The witness stand is directly in front of them. Two polished mahogany desks, one for the defense and one for the prosecution, stand facing the justices’ chairs. An iron restraining chair with six sets of masterwork manacles for the accused stands in the center of the room, specially created for this trial. Behind the accused, a public gallery overlooks the room 10 feet above.

Here, Judge Daramid welcomes you to the courthouse and ushers everyone into a smaller room to the north. This is her private chambers. Here she explains about the events that have unfolded earlier this morning.

(Paraphrased from my post a few days ago… skip it if you wish)

Here she tells the group that Lord Oglethorp had suddenly died of an apparent heart attack the night before. He died in his sleep and was found in the morning. The two witnesses have now retracted their stories, claiming they dont remember details.

His death seemingly an unusual coincidence to say the least.

With Nyllbryn suggesting yesterday about killing him, the Judge views the elf with serious skepticism. But, for whatever reason, she doesnt request an investigation into Oglethorp’s death. She tells the group, who she trusts, that he was a perverted man and had been accused many times of indiscretions against his female staff.

She holds up a paper advising that without any witnesses, or other evidence, the prosecution has dropped the case against Pippa, and she is to be immediately release into your custody.

Ivor asks about her personal items (mainly her magical items Im assuming). To which Daramid reassures that her items have all been confiscated and are being held for her. (Mel, it would be totally cheap if you lost all your items)

“In short, we’re ready to release her into your custody.” Margo interjects.

But Judge Daramid interrupts. “However, there is the matter we discussed yesterday. Regarding the Beast of Lepidstadt. He is being held in the courthouse dungeon with Pippa. I suggest you visit with him first before making any final decisions to help in its defense.”

“Would you like to recover your friend and meet the Beast?”


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