Tales From Darkmoon Vale

A Warnng to All

Brantus remains back with Liliandil and Eutropia, as the elf and barbarian move off the road and towards the large tree, Abraham steers his horse to follow them. Leo, who had been scouting the foothills around the group, runs in to join his druid companion.

From the road, everyone can see the giant tree. It’s leaves have almost all been lost from the nightly winds that blow across this open plain. Hanging about 5 feet off the group are two large steel cages. Each is secured individually by a long thick chain that is wrapped around one of the tree’s branches. They dangle less than ten feet apart.

Locked in one cage is the remains of a dead hobgoblin. Its arm has been torn from its body, and his lifeless form lays slumped against the cage. On the ground below the body, the dirt and leaves are stained with blood and fragments of flesh. Upon closer inspection, long slices of flesh have been neatly carved away from its legs.

The other cage has an emaciated human male who clings to life. He is mostly naked only wearing shredded rags. Dried blood coats his mouth, hands and chest. A wooden sign has been hammered into the ground a few feet away. It reads (in common):

A Warning to All

Hobgoblins and their lupin allies still pose a threat to Andoran.

Never forget The Night of the Silver Blood

The insignia of the Diamond Regiment is branded at the bottom.

The man struggles to open his eyes as you approach. He is dehydrated, dirty and on deaths door.


darkshada darkshada

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