Tales From Darkmoon Vale

A Villain Vanquished


The group comes together around the limp remains of Bishop. The villain is dead and the group has survived another near death fight. Many of those who joined the march out here lay dead or missing.

Liliandril coughs clearing her lungs. The healing aura Fortunado cast has stabilized her, but she still struggles to breath due to broken ribs. She prays again, this time accepting all of Sarenrae’s blessing herself and she begins to take in the night’s air easier. (cure moderate wounds) The Oracle sits up and thanks everyone for helping her and her Goddess for seeing her friends through the fight.

She looks to Jaeshar, “I was the one who enchanted you. Pippa placed the band on your wrist at my request.” She glances towards the rogue to acknowledge her. “Her slight of hand skills are astounding. I would hate to own an item she wanted to possess.” She laughed only grimace in pain. “Jae, I knew you would approve of my help, nor would you ever put me in harms way, so I had to use a bit of deception in order to help protect you. I hope you can forgive my trickery.” She offers a childish expression of apology. “However, I must admit the criminality of the entire deception was quite exciting.”

The girl stands, under weakened legs, and easily removes the platinum bracelet from the barbarian. “You are not the only one who bares the burden of protecting the ones you care about.”

Brantus begins to feel his body fight off the affects of the Wyvern’s poison. (two successful saves) and takes a few moments to successfully carve several sheets of Bishop’s scaly hid out to take back to Olfden. Then he mentions the construction of a litter, only to see the idea waved off by the girl. “Im fine Brantus. I can make it back. You spoil me too much.”

Fortunado finds Felicity and tends to her cuts and bruises with his healing kit. Azure is next in line for the once over. (Successful Heal check)

Azure offers to share with the others everything he saw, but only after a warm meal and several hours of rest. The wizard accepts Brantus’ crossbow and the quiver of bolts. His own crossbow, a gift from Lizmilla, had been lost along with the bolts tipped with Liliandril’s blood.

Within ten minutes, the group is ready to make the trek back to Olfden. Emelyn and Razuck, along with the sole surviving soldier, bring the bodies of their fallen soldiers into the clearing and lay them in a row. “I’ll see to it that these men are brought back to Olfden and given a proper burial. They volunteered their lives to protect us. It is the least I can do for them.” Emelyn tells the remaining soldier who offers a grateful nod in return. The thought of Margo’s selfless sacrifice was on everyone’s mind. But nothing needed to be said. The sergeant would somehow be honored in Olfden as well.

The group leaves the clearing and makes its way back into the forest. Upon reaching the main road, the half dozen soldiers that had run in fear had gathered at the broken wagon. Their heads hung in shame. One soldier steps forward to offer his sword. “We have failed you. We ran like scared children. Ive never felt fear like that before. Im not a coward, that I promise you, but I cant deny the fact that we deserted you all. And for that, we have agreed to plead guilty to a military court martial for cowardice in the face of the enemy.”


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