Tales From Darkmoon Vale

A Stroll Through the Town

Falcon's Hollow

It is late-afternoon by the time you return to Jac a’ Napes from your

stroll through the small town. By your best estimate,

the population can’t be more than 1,000,

not including any small farms outside of town. It is a dirty, smelly
town of transients and low life’s. Many people seem to be quite sick,
coughing with dark splotches on their skin. People go about their
business noticing you as just another adventure finding his way to
Falcon’s Hallow. Many people come here looking for adventure and
riches in the forests of the vale. Some of the store fronts you
notice are:

The Goose n’ Gander: The local general store in Falcon’s Hollow is
run by the only gnome resident, Brickasnurd Hildrinsocks, who sells
everything from standard amenities such as grain, lamp oil, ink, and
mining supplies, to such rare oddities as alchemist’s fire, antitoxin,
a petrified pseudo dragon, and taxidermy nixies (all the rage this

Church of Iomedae: Which appears to be closed and vacant

Quinn’s Carnival: Is a small building that also appears to be
closed. The sign reads, currently on tour in the City of Olfden.
“Falcon’s Hallow Harvest Festival coming this fall. ”

Roots and Remedies: . Owned by the local herbalist and healer, Laurel,
the small shop smells of burnt earth and spicy incense. It is mid-
morning and there are dozens of people standing in line waiting to
enter. Most appear quite sick.

The Low Market:
Is an open area centered on a town well (fountain). Venders sell
fruits and vegetables as well as small household wears, cooking items,
spices, a small livestock. The produce appear to be mostly rotten,
but the people are happy to purchase them.

Hanging gallows stand 10 feet high with three steel cages hanging from
them like murderous chandeliers. One cage hold the remains of a
single corpse. It has been picked clean by ravens. A low market
vender haggles with a customer just 20 feet away.

A young boy shy of 10 years old stands along the side of the market,
handing out flyers and heralding for the Rouge Lady. It appears he is
three weeks past due on bathing. The boy barks to the crowd that
since tonight is the official “Night of the Dark moon”, the good
people of Falcon Hollow’s can walk the streets carefree after dark.
And what a better time than to come to the Dark moon Celebration at
the Rouge Lady. “Come any lonely soul to the Rouge tonight! Drink
and let the ladies dance for you! Watch Ralla perform the Dance of
the Dark Moon! NO man can resist her charms! Here you go sir.
Tonight is the Dark Moon! It’s safe! …

Rouge Lady: The silk-veiled parlors in the back of this burlesque and
gambling hall doubles as an illegal brothel. Kabran Bloodeye owns this
illicit pleasure den, where the unfortunate Ralla, a beautiful red-
headed dancer, peddles her charms.

The High Market: This is located north of town within the gated
community. This is where Kreed, the lumber baron resides along with
the Lumber consortium employees. Here, the market sells meats and
vegetables without a hint of rot on them; nicely made clothes of
materials other than canvas, cotton, and leather; spices (including a
popular vendor who sells only salt); and various items that cost more
than 10 gold coins.

The Sitting Duck: Located a little too close for many folks’ comfort
to the town palisade, the Duck is the local hot spot for adventurers,
explorers, and other rapscallions looking for excitement. The tavern
serves a potent local brew of fermented darkwood leaf that can floor
an ogre in a few tankards. Raucous games of “knivesies”and “mig-a-mug-
tug” (two dangerous local recreational activities both with a high
rate of maiming) often rage late into the night. Many adventurers
share tales of Darkmoon Vale, Droskar’s Crag, and other surrounding
locations for the price of a mug of ale.

You learn that the Lumber Baron named Kreed controls this town and
most of its inhabitants (about 80%) work for him as either loggers,
millers or hired thugs paid to enforce his rule. The stores, inns and
all trade within Falcon’s Hallow is taxed heavily by him, those that
don’t pay, wind up missing or swinging in a cage at the gallows.

You also notice throughout the town, several wooden signs depicting
the Lunar Calendar. The sign illustrates the phases of the moon with
the current dates. Yesterday appears to be the last day of the
“waning crescent”, ending the third quarter of the month. Today
appears to be the “Dark Moon”.


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